Travailler chez Effecto, une entreprise à taille humaine à St Georges de Beauce au Québec CAREER

Work in a stimulating environment

At EFFECTO, our passion for new technologies and innovation is dedicated to a sector in full metamorphosis: wood manufacturing plants (mainly sawmills). More than ever, their future depends on their ability to become more efficient.  

Are you looking for a job that makes sense and has a positive impact on the daily life of an entire company? 

Why choose EFFECTO?

The right balance of life

  • Offices in St Georges de Beauce, it's the city in the middle of nature, 1 hour from Quebec City  
  • Pleasant and serene work environment  
  • Easy communication with the whole team, including the boss ;) 
  • Flexible hours and vacations   
  • Work from the office or in hybrid mode  
  • Continuous training to stay on track and take on new challenges  
  • Competitive salaries and DPSP with employer contribution

The EFFECTO touch: moving forward together

  • AGILE mode, 3 week sprint and Scrum every morning with everyone. This allows us to know the projects in progress and to share our challenges and needs (project managers and sales managers are also there).  
  • Meals like at home. We have a real kitchen ;)  
  • Free fruit, tea and coffee in the office  
  • Monthly meals and special evenings to celebrate our successes and have fun   
  • Annual fee to play the sport of your choice 
Choose a company that promotes teamwork, mutual aid, initiative and trust

Our values

curiority is one of our values, we seek continuous improvement in our methods and knowledge curiority is one of our values, we seek continuous improvement in our methods and knowledge

Naturally curious

Let's search for the knowledge necessary to remain the wood experts for our customers.  

Let's be motivated to challenge ourselves, both professionally and personally.

Being a pioneer is one of our values, innovation and the search for solutions for our customers are essential


Let's be actors of our customers' growth.  

Let's anticipate their needs in order to propose innovative solutions.  

Let us guide them in improving their processes.

Being solution oriented is one of our values, our customers are looking for simplicity and efficiency


Keep our approach simple, reliable and concrete.  

Let's accompany our customers towards efficiency and success.  

Let's make users' daily lives easier.

Going further together is one of our values, collaboration between employees and our customers is the key to success

Further, together

Let's be collaborative and demanding: we make it our duty to share our methods and experiences as a team.  

Let us consider our clients as partners: we accompany them, whatever the distance that separates us.

They testify

At effecto, moments of conviviality are often accompanied by good food
At effecto, we are a multidisciplinary and complementary team
At effecto, the atmosphere is relaxed
EFFECTO assure les evolutions de ses produits en suivant les besoins des clients et l'evolution technologique

Ready to join the team?

You recognize yourself in our values and you want to take on a new challenge to contribute to the evolution of the wood industry?

Find out what job opportunities are available right now. If you don't see anything that matches you, submit an unsolicited application and present your project to us.