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“I want to maximize sales”

Simplifying administrative management and maximizing margins in order to meet customer demands for higher product quality and lower delivery times.
Kevin Aussudre, Responsable commercial et logistique chez GDM Pellet dans le Limousin, sa gestion des ventes est plus simple avec EFFECTO

Case: GDM Pellets, France – Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Having all information in one place for seamless sharing between sales and production

We’re always running out of time in this business and on the phone more often not. Quick and easy access to information in real time is what we need. With EFFECTO OnSite, I have a search engine that centralizes all essential information on everything we’re doing at any time. It will instantly call up all the data I need to carry out my daily mission day in and day out. It’s a real time-saving machine.

Entering orders, analyzing our sales history (quantities, turnover, average price, ...) over specific periods can represent ½ day of work with standard tools. Here, in 1 click, it is done: it is a real comfort of work.

In today’s uncertain and ultra-competitive market, ever-increasing efficiency and split-second responsiveness are the key to meeting and adapting to ever-changing customer needs.

Kevin Aussudre, Business and logistics manager

Case: Dubot Bois et Scierie, France – Auvergne

Supporting internal growth in my business

What I really like about EFFECTO’s features is that my overall workload is really reduced because everything is centralized. My customers know they can count on reliable, accurate, and real-time service. Anytime they contact me, I can tell them instantly where their orders are without even having to call an operator.

Over the past fifteen years, our sawmill has tripled its sales and doubled its workforce thanks to major investments and the diversification of our finished products. Growth like this would not have been at all possible without implementing new technologies. There’s no way you can stay in business today without the right tools. EFFECTO Onsite helped us achieve this necessary transformation and the result is greatly enhanced performance with both repetitive and complex tasks simplified.

Florian Baudron, Chief Executive Officer

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A better way to sell current and upcoming production

Making long-term forecasts used to be very complicated. We needed to get the inventory of everything: the green, the kiln...and every day we had to start all over again.

Now with EFFECTO OnSite  I can get a full inventory with just two clicks. Our sales team loves it because they know exactly what we have ready to sell.

We’re in the process of rolling out an additional inventory forecasting feature to improve communications between plant and sales even more. Sales will be able to see the changes taking place in the plant – volumes, grades, and availability dates – in real time.

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I like the fact that sales has real-time access.

Reps know what the market wants on one hand and with EFFECTO OnSite. they know what inventory is in the pipeline so they can plan with more accuracy.

We’re today’s market leader in meeting deadlines. With customers operating on a just-in-time basis, they need to rely on trusted suppliers so they can stay on budget and meet their deadlines. EFFECTO OnSite gives us the tools to do the job.

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I like it simple

Customers have specific demands and my job is to give them easy access to the information they need on their products and their delivery dates. And that’s exactly what I’m looking for in my technology. EFFECTO’s tools make work easier by bringing better structure to our operations. These essential tools allow us to be precise and concise in providing a higher level of support in customer service.

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