You’ll not only increase profits but you’ll also significantly improve job satisfaction by giving employees the tools to do a lot more in far less time.

EFFECTO OnSite can provide all the necessary modules you need to take full control of your plant in real time and significantly accelerate your production cycle, from wood purchasing to the shipment of finished products.

Process automation considerably reduces the number of paper entries and Excel manipulations teams are required to make with a much higher production rate and an appreciably lower error rate, freeing up employee time to focus on more value-added tasks and increasing sales.

Save time, improve reliability and user autonomy, reduce errors

For your wood purchasing

Icon Management of roundwood / log wood purchasing

Management of roundwood / log wood purchasing

Automatic management of administrative tasks: single entry to generate invoicing (including producers, sawyers, unions, and carrier) and payment.
Icon Reception in yard and mobile roundwood scaling

Reception in yard and mobile roundwood scaling

Mobile input device allows scalers to generate receipts for anticipated deliveries or create new ones on the spot. Photos and measurement data can be added to put an end to double entries and paperwork.
Icon Managing scale

Managing scale

The system weighs trucks at entry and exit and then calculates delivery weight for billing and payment.

Option 1: Photos as proof in case of claim.
Option 2: Truckers come and go independently without interaction from reception.
Icon Forestry operations

Forestry operations (available only in France)

Follow-up on cutting management, stock on the ground, and what’s ready for processing (including cutting, skidding, roadside transport, and deliveries), and managing legal documents and administrative procedures.
Icon Procurement reception

Procurement reception

Inventory and mobile tablet tool (optional) for reception of squares, components, and supplies.
Icon Managing procurement

Managing procurement

Managing suppliers and purchases

Get real time and reliable data, use less papers and Excel files

For inventory and sales

Icon Lot identification

Lot identification

Option 1:
Serialized inventory
Generate labels with barcode or QR code (RFID optional) and a unique number for each lot, for optimal traceability and real-time inventory.

Option 2:
Non-serialized inventory
Possible labeling on packages, but without unique identification, for real time inventory by product.
Icon Consumption and inventory adjustments

Consumption and inventory adjustments

Removing wood from inventory / assigning stock to specific operations, deducting rejects, modifying status on batches from one department to another (optional mobile tool)
Icon Inventory forecasting

Inventory forecasting

To speed up and make the sales cycle more reliable, we calculate and display a forecasted inventory for the coming weeks, based on inventory, sales and upcoming consumption/production operations.
Icon Quotes: estimates and orders

Quotes and orders

Interface for creating quotes at best price according to agreements with customers (price list) and shipping (depending on location) to automatically generate orders for sales team

Gain organization, automation, efficiency

For production

Icon Managing production revenue

Managing production revenue

Definition of expected production models, based on inputs, yield and distribution of products, species and qualities expected. The system tells you what will come out of each production stage (inventory of products in progress and finished products to come) and can be fed by your actual production history to increase accuracy.
Icon Scheduling and production planning

Scheduling and production planning

The production planner has a global view of the plant via his/her interface. He/She knows what to produce and in what sequence based on input stocks and/or orders. He/She automatically shares the schedules with the operators of each department of the plant.
Icon Storage of production data

Storage of production data

Improving projected production revenue by comparing actual revenue to projected revenue. One of the tools is the precise analysis of yield and quality under different criteria (including mill of origin, sawing date, input used and drying batch).
Icon Drying process

Managing and planning the drying process

Knowing what to do and when to do it by managing kilns and contents depending on orders as well as material and workforce availability, with mobile interface to automatically create batches converting green raw material into dry raw material at the end of the process

Get real time data, improve customer satisfaction, reduce papers, errors and claims

For your shipping

Icon Managing loading, shipping, and interplant transfers

Managing loading, shipping, and interplant transfers

Thanks to a tablet installed in the forklift, the operator can see his/her shipping and transfer schedule, as well as their details, in order to anticipate loads. The system allows him/her to know exactly what to load and eliminates any possibility of error that could have serious consequences.

Optional: online or offline mode with synchronization, to accommodate your yard.
Icon Delivery slips / invoices

Delivery slips / invoices

Generating delivery slips and invoices or sending delivery slips to accounting’s invoice module, depending on user needs
Icon Managing export documents

Managing export documents

Automatic generation and transmission of documents to customs and brokers
Icon Managing by-products

Managing by-products

Managing weighing and shipments of sawdust, chips, and bark. Tracking weights and truck traffic for record-keeping purposes.

Benefit: more efficient and more reliable follow-up and invoicing
Stephane Lacasse, Director of Planning at Preverco appreciates EFFECTO because he always has an accurate inventory in real time

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