Proximity, availability and trust with customers is a priority for EFFECTO. EFFECTO user services

Insist on the best in service

Because even the most effective tools lose their edge without responsive after-sales service and reliable technical maintenance.
When our clients have a problem or a question, there is a person who knows their case who will handle the request

Humans behind the service

Need help : just contact us

Our support team gets into solution mode the moment your call or email comes in. They are supported by our technical experts and will make sure to answer your request as soon as possible.


The EFFECTO maintenance contract

The benefits of upgradeable products keep getting better.

Monthly improvements and new features are continually being developed based on user feedback and the latest market trends. The EFFECTO technical team adheres to a demanding annual delivery plan. Users are regularly kept up to date on all new developments.

EFFECTO ensures the evolution of its products by following the needs of the customers and the technological evolution

In a nutshell

Users know we care.

An EFFECTO consulting expert is always ready to take your call anywhere in Canada, the US, and France 24/7.
Remote support
In most cases, remote support does the trick, without any need for troubleshooting on location.
Liaison with your other providers
EFFECTO can also liaise with your IT or equipment providers to get your plant up and running as quickly as possible.
Corrective and progressive maintenance
Users benefit from corrective maintenance on existing products and on all new added features.
Our customers in France and in North America appreciate our speed of intervention and our ability to find solutions

If you have any questions, get in touch with us.

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