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“I need to improve shipping reliability”

Improving customer service and eliminating claims, while reducing shipping staff requirements and preventing loading errors due to inadequate control systems.
Marco Royer présente comment la suppression des papiers a changé son quotidien pour le chargement de paquets de bois

Case: Bois CFM, Canada – Quebec

Facilitating loading operations

Before OnSite, everything was done on paper. To keep up with the hectic pace, what got written down was sometimes squeezed into small spaces resulting in inadvertent errors. My administrative assistant would place the order, I would get the details on paper and fax it back to billing.

Today EFFECTO OnSite, I get orders on my phone and simply scan the barcodes flawlessly on the lots as they’re loaded. The labels are super resistant and stay readable even when frosted over in the dead of winter. The system immediately alerts me if there’s an error. The system is also flexible enough so I can force it when there are last-minute changes. I even have a tablet in my loader (forklift) to keep track of the load. The icing on the cake is that I don’t have to do daily reports or weekend inventories anymore because it’s all done automatically. 

It only took about a week to get used to the new way of doing things. After that, it’s all automatic. Having software you can trust sure lowers the stress level.

Marco Royer, Loading operator

Case: Carrier & Bégin, Canada – Quebec

Reduce the time spent on administrative tasks

Managing orders is so much easier. Keeping track of shipments took a full-time employee 50 hours a week. Manual tracking was done in binders and folders. It was overwhelming with 150 trucks coming and going every day. Imagine manually entering all that and then doing the manual counts. It took forever and it was prone to human error naturally.

Today, one person can do it all in half the time with significantly more reliability because the counts are always done in the right way. The employee simply enters the data and the system does everything else. The loading slips we use to do by hand are now generated automatically. Traceability information is instantly available.

EFFECTO OnSite is really easy for any office worker to learn. It takes a bit of coaching at the start to adapt it to existing processes since every plant has its minor differences. Many of its parameters are configurable so it’s actually OnSite that does the adapting.

Samuel Lessard, Financial controller

Chez notre client Carrier & Begin, les expéditions se font plus vite et avec moins d'erreurs grâce à EFFECTO
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Félix, consulting expert
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Facilitating inter-plant transfers

Everyone comes out ahead with paper-free interplant transfers. Even the skeptical truckers and carriers were happy campers in no time. We’re handling 250% more shipments with the same number of people. It’s a win-win in terms of accuracy and in time saved. There’s no more need for double or triple entries and everyone has access to the reports with all the information needed to do their job.

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Reducing customer claims

Before there were plenty of errors. Customers weren’t always getting the products they wanted. Sometimes they were getting a higher grade and didn’t say anything and that was a loss for us. On the other hand, when they got a lower grade, we couldn’t bring the load back, so we had to give them a discount. Both cases put us in an uncomfortable situation because we couldn’t verify if customers were telling the truth or not.

With the EFFECTO Onsite traceability system there’s never any doubt. There’s a clear label with all the information on every lot. There are much fewer product errors when loading. All operators have to do is check the references on the label or get a warning if they try loading the wrong lot. In case of error, we can easily find the source and reconcile the customer’s account.

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