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“I need to automate inventory management”

Liberating everyone on your team from endless paper paralysis and Excel deceleration with precise real-time inventory access never more two simple clicks away.
Notre client Clermond Hamel a une exactitude de ses stocks de 98% grâce au module d'inventaire EFFECTO

Case: Clermond Hamel, Canada – Québec

Having reliable, real-time inventory at your fingertips

Before, we had to do a wood count in the yard every single morning. It was very time consuming and the counts were not always accurate. We also had to check orders manually, with data entry and manipulation in Excel to let vendors know what we had on hand.

We’ve been using the EFFECTO OnSite inventory module for over ten years. I can’t imagine getting through the day without it. We can count on 98% accuracy in our inventory at any time. It’s not only more reliable, but it’s also a lot more efficient. No need for daily inventory or flipping through files, OnSite is virtually error-free, and the sales team can anticipate volume more accurately.

France Hamel, Logistics manager

Case: Carrier & Bégin, Canada – Quebec

Reducing inventory variances at reconciliation time

Before investing in an EFFECTO OnSite inventory module, we had inventory discrepancies at the end of the month and we were unable to trace the causes when it came to reconciliation. We had to carry out investigations to justify them.

Now, there is a real follow-up at each step, so our variances are getting lower every month. Finding the reasons behind discrepancies is very easy now thanks to the traceability at each stage in production. 

Samuel Lessard, Financial controller

Chez notre client Carrier & Bégin, la mise en place d'un inventaire sérialisé a réduit les erreurs et donné de la traçabilité
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Félix, consulting expert
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Saving time on production batch planning

Our production manager saves four to five hours a week since the EFFECTO OnSite digital inventory module has been installed. There’s no need any more of going to the yard several times a week to check lots, so production can be set-up by grouping orders. Plus there’s also real-time access to wood inventory in the kiln.

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Eliminating inventory counts completely

It’s a huge amount of work if done manually and you never get an exact count because by the time you finish making the rounds, you have to start again from the beginning. The EFFECTO OnSite inventory module eliminates the need for all weekly or monthly inventories. Now we do one inventory per year and for purely accounting reasons. It frees up a tremendous amount of time that we can put to better use in making the plant even more productive.

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To be able to keep my commitments to my clients

We used to keep track of inventory on paper and in Excel files. It was time consuming, mistakes were made, and, worst of all, we never really knew exactly what we had in stock. Sometimes I’d find out that we didn’t have the wood we needed for an order due the very next day. This put us in a very uncomfortable position with customers because we couldn’t deliver on time for them to meet their commitments. Never again!

With the EFFECTO OnSite inventory module, I know exactly where production is, and I know exactly if we are behind or ahead of schedule. I also know exactly where the wood is in the plant thanks to the traceability in each batch at every stage of the process.

And whenever I need information, it’s instantaneous with everything in the same place.

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Managing multi-site production

Since I depend on production from our other plant, in Montreal, EFFECTO OnSite keeps me in the loop.  In the paper-pushing days I never knew if the other site had started production or not. I was on the phone with them all the time trying to get the information I needed. With real-time inventory, I know exactly where we stand. If there’s no delay, I can request a product shipment to our plant. I don’t need to speak to anyone anymore since the information is in the system.  It really makes my day.

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