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Controlling the wood purchasing process

Solution 1

Controlling the wood purchasing process

Reducing employee time on administrative tasks and making raw material inputs more reliable while eliminating manual oversights and data entry errors to accelerate unloading in the receiving department.

Solution 2

Automating inventory management

Liberating everyone on your team from endless paper paralysis and Excel deceleration with precise real-time inventory access never more two simple clicks away
Automating inventory management
Optimizing production

Solution 3

Optimizing production

Reducing waste for optimal material yield and increasing productivity while minimizing wear and tear on plant machinery to continue delivering the quality customers expect in spite of rising raw input costs

Solution 4

Maximizing sales

Supporting sales teams in managing orders and ensuring that the right products are sold at the best price while meeting customer demand for just-in-time delivery in terms of volume and quality
automating sales
Enhancing shipment reliability

Solution 5

Enhancing shipment reliability

Simple and effective solutions for loading crews to know exactly what to charge, preventing shipping errors during fast and furious peak periods, and providing better service for eliminating customer claims

Solution 6

Monitoring key performance indicators on dashboard

While you do have key performance indicators, you have to collect the data and manipulate Excel tables. You’re also likely to need operational dashboards for alerts in case of any deviations to optimize plant management in order to accurately monitor production against your standards and key performance indicators. EFFECTO tools make it easy to achieve the level of excellence you expect from your systems.
monitor your key indicators, the dashboards help to manage the sawmill

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