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Digital transformation for doing more with less in the wood industry.

The wood industry is facing major economic and labor challenges and must act now by using digital technology to survive and thrive.

Wood processing plants must innovate to remain competitive in an uncertain and demanding market

Challenge 1: economic

Be innovative to stay competitive.

All wood processors are in the same boat with the raw material supply ever more constrained by environmental regulations and price fluctuations, not to mention the matter of meticulously handling all waste.
Total maximization of this renewable material is imperative.

Revisiting manufacturing processes and integrating new technologies can work wonders.

Automating key steps with digital technology reduces errors, saves time, and, most importantly, ups the performance of every parameter to enhance business productivity like never before.

Challenge 2: labor

Innovating to offset the skilled labour shortage

The serious shortage of experienced workers – from supervisors to operators – capable of reacting quickly and effectively to machine problems is something everyone in manufacturing has to deal with every day and the wood industry is no exception.

Technology can be the silver bullet for factories looking to facilitate and improve the user experience. Today’s user-centric technology is designed around user behavior, making it easy to save time, reduce repetitive or low value-added tasks, while safeguarding the company’s standing in the market.
Technology frees up skilled employee time for more high value-added tasks and supports those less skilled by lowering their learning curve.

Technology is also a major factor in attracting younger workers when recruiting new talent.

Technology can help compensate for the lack of skilled labor and transfer knowledge

The formula for success

The four keys to successful digital transformation

The EFFECTO project team can’t do anything without you. Your management team has to be on board by dedicating the internal working hours necessary for the installation process. Your commitment and determination must also be conveyed to your employees so they can become player’s in the plant’s evolution.
User uptake on new tools
It’s critical that everyone starts using the new tools as soon as possible. Expectations will be high and so will be resistance to change. Users will demand speed and simplicity. Communicating, explaining, demonstrating, and supporting are crucial. Your EFFECTO project team will be at your side every step of the way to guide you.
Continuous improvement
By continuously innovating and improving our products by actively monitoring and anticipating your changing needs, the EFFECTO project team ensures that your system and your employees stay ahead of the curve.
The leverage to keep growing
EFFECTO high-performance tools are adapted to your actual workforce needs, including managers, foremen, financial managers, salespersons, operators, forklift operators, and scalers, providing a user-friendly working environment, improving the level of employee commitment (job enhancement, training) and recruiting new talent proud to be working in an Industry 4.0 organization. 
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