Optimiser la production dans l'usine au sciage, au rabotage, au séchage Users tell it like it is.

“I need to optimize production in the plant.”

Your raw material is wood and it’s becoming more and more expensive while your customers are demanding more quality and precision in your deliveries, making optimizing your material yield your only option. The ideal is to enhance the performance of your equipment while preventing errors in your quest for achieving greater productivity.
Jocelyn Rodrigue, Production Manager, Carrier & Bégin, has more time for his team and improving quality with EFFECTO

Case: Carrier & Bégin sawmill, Canada – Quebec

Equipping your plant to keep pace with the market

With EFFECTO OnSite, I have all the information I need in real time all the time. This frees up my time to be hands-on in the plant, checking my production, being with my team, and improving quality.

At the speed things are going now, you can’t drop the ball for even an hour, without decreasing production, downgrading wood products, and, in the end, losing money. Plant optimization is the only choice you have. While technology doesn’t replace everything, it does keep us up to speed and the quality level high.

Jocelyn Rodrigue, Production manager

Case: La scierie Dubot, France – Occitania

Optimizing production with full traceability

Since we work to order, we know exactly what to produce. The EFFECTO OnSite tool allows us to group orders according to the characteristics of the wood (species, section, length, ...) in order to allocate production to our three production units according to the capacities and availabilities of each. 
This is to optimize the downtime for adjustments and blade changes.

The inventory module provides full traceability on all our products at each stage of production. It’s incredibly useful because we always know what we’re producing and where our customer orders are in real time. If any customers call, we can tell them where we are on their job immediately. This allows us to anticipate and secure our shipments.
We’re never stuck if any particular employee is not in the plant since all the information is always at hand. So, we’re always able to deliver on time.

Guillaume Cedan, Production and maintenance manager

optimize the production in the sawing, planing, drying plant
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Optimizing blade maintenance

In addition to optimizing machine settings, we’ve also saved a lot of time on tool maintenance.

Plus the grinders can check the curves themselves to know when they have work to do. And we can better anticipate the time for tool changes and plan maintenance accordingly. To give you an example, we’ve doubled the lifespan of our cutting tools.

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Making it easier to integrate operators and monitor their performance

EFFECTO InSite dashboards help us better integrate new operators by fine-tuning their training and supporting them as they move ahead.
Key performance indicators are permanently on display at each station. This gives the supervisory team an objective look at the work being done. With productivity, quality, and downtime indicators, they can measure the level of a new employee’s integration compared to the rest of the team. With this information, the trainer can follow up with modifications or provide additional training.

The introduction of dashboards has brought about a dramatic change in our plant. I believe that how this is perceived by employees depends on your corporate culture. No one ever feels judged here. Our operators know that it’s a tool for improvement and not for punishment. Employees benefit because the data also helps justify investments for streamlining operations and improving the quality of our finished products.

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