If you have any questions, ask to speak to an EFFECTO consultant Talk with an EFFECTO consulting expert.

Set up a meeting

Félix is an EFFECTO consulting expert. Have a talk with him about the challenges you’re facing and what your company needs. He’ll help you to understand what EFFECTO can do to make your operation more efficient and how.
Felix is our expert advisor at effecto

Consulting expert

Set aside fifteen or thirty minutes for your first talk with Félix.

Felix has ten years of experience in the information technologies field and four years of experience in the industrial field. In talking with you about your business he’ll be able to quickly understand your situation and suggest ways you can significantly improve its performance. 
Based on his analysis, he’ll then introduce you to an expert specializing in what you need.

You can also send Félix an email if you prefer communicating that way.

Innovation & Project management experts

If you’d like to go ahead after the talk with Félix, a product demonstration will be arranged and you’ll meet with a technical expert who’ll make recommendations for your plant.

David Fecteau, Directeur Innovation et PDG


David Fecteau

EFFECTO founder and CEO, David Fecteau, will be personally involved in bringing the power of automation and artificial intelligence to your plant.
Dedicated to the research and development of new features for our products, David is very attuned to user needs, ongoing wood sector advances, and the latest technology.

Martin Poirier, Processes Projet Manager

Wood processing

Martin Poirier

As production foreman, quality manager, kiln operations manager or supervisor, Martin spent 15 years in the field in all departments of the primary transformation. He knows all the processes, the language and the reality of the daily life of sawyers. He is in charge of accompanying the mills in the diagnostic and integration stages of the performance indicators monitoring and business intelligence tool.

Benjamin Doucet, project manager

Solution integration

Benjamin Doucet

With nearly a decade of EFFECTO experience under his belt, Benjamin thoroughly knows what makes sawmills tick. He’s all ears whenever users call so you can be sure he’ll meet all your expectations above and beyond.

Denis Jacques is a solution integretor for EFFECTO

Solution integration

Denis Jacques

For almost 20 years, Denis worked as a process technician for a company specialized in advanced technologies. He was responsible for solving technical problems and analyzing incidents to ensure they never happened again. Determined, smiling, a good listener and always ready to help, Denis will be your asset for the success of EFFECTO implementation in your plant.