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More than just a supplier of digital management tools, EFFECTO expertise in technological solutions is adapted specifically to production machinery and systems in primary and secondary wood-processing operations.

make the equipment data speak for itself to produce monitoring and performance indicators
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Tools for complete control of your plant

The EFFECTO OnSite Manufacturing Execution System (MES) can manage everything you want from wood purchasing to shipping.The EFFECTO InSite business intelligence tool comes with general and specific monitoring dashboards for any and all stages of production to centralize and analyze equipment data and improve decision-making.
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EFFECTO users can count on direct support anytime they need. A dedicated consulting expert is at your service around the clock all year round for technical support or to answer any questions.Your maintenance contract ensures you automatically get all the latest updates and product improvements.
Proximity, availability and trust with customers is a priority for EFFECTO.


The Top 10 features users want

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  • Wood purchasing management
  • Receiving and scaling
  • Weight and scaling management
  • Real-time and provisional inventories, estimates, orders
  • Shipping and documentation management
  • Production and planning management (receiving, sawing, drying, planing)
  • Forestry operations
  • Continuous humidity analysis
  • Dashboards of efficiency (debarking, sawing, edging, trimming, stacking)
  • Measuring downtime causes & Uptime dashboard
The EFFECTO OnSite Manufacturing Execution System (MES) can manage everything you want from wood purchasing and production to sales and shipping.
Analyzes all plant data with dashboards available at each stage of production to improve decision-making across all operations.Works seamlessly with Onsite.
The EFFECTO maintenance contract combines benchmark-quality user service and technical excellence with 24/7 technical support.

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