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“I want dashboards to track my key performance indicators”

While your equipment generates data, you don’t have the time or the tools to make the most of it, and even when you do get key performance indicators Excel tables aren’t much help.

What you need is an operational monitoring and business intelligence tool to optimize the management of your plant.

our customer, the Farges sawmill, uses the data from its equipment to optimize production and maintenance

Case: Farges Bois, France – Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Optimizing the settings on our sawing line

Continuous dashboard use on a daily basis. Data analysis is crucial to every plant’s future. Business intelligence is coming to every plant operation and it’s an opportunity to be seized without delay. EFFECTO contacted our equipment supplier, Prologic, in Phase 1 to extract the data. From there, intensity and meterage tracking curves were created to see if a machine was straining or running at the right rate for the current run.

We used to make estimates based on our experience. Today we have reliable data, the real numbers, so we can make correlations between wear and tear on the machine and the level of intensity. We get an alert as soon as it reaches a peak and we intervene just in time.

In Phase 2, we accelerated the batches we could and slowed down the ones with the potential of damaging the equipment.

With the sawing dashboard, we know right away where we are most efficient.

Hervé Leymarie, Sawmill Production Manager

Case: JM Champeau, Canada - Quebec

Having reliable data for making the right decisions

We’ve been using EFFECTO InSite dashboards for over five years and it’s really helped us in making smarter decisions on what to improve and where to invest. Without the right data, our decisions were based on our experience and intuition. We wanted to be more specific than that. We wanted data. We’re using several generations of equipment, each with very different technologies. It was a huge challenge collecting data from these machines to cross-reference and analyze them. It was really hard to put all this data together. We had to compromise either on accuracy or on the time frame analyzed. And, of course, it was all being done manually.

EFFECTO carefully studied our needs and found a way to collect data on each of our seven machines and established a common database. The project team then helped us create key performance indicators in the interface for creating our first dashboards. We’ve been using them in the plant ever since: one for each of the operators so they have the data for their work and others in the plant to visualize overall performance. The dashboards are regularly improved based on our experience. The main difference with the EFFECTO dashboards is that we’re now putting our efforts in the right places. This access to information has helped us to improve productivity not only by making better decisions in our day-to-day operations, but also because we’re able to project the profitability of an investment in order to justify it.

Jean-Christophe Champeau - Director of Operations

our client JM Champeau in Estrie, Canada, uses the data from its equipment to improve its overall performance
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Staying ahead of the game

Efficiency analysis is a major factor in increasing production: each department, each operator station, and each machine must be analyzed and optimized. We’re well aware that the market is continually changing, including customer requirements and supply constraints.
Carrier & Bégin has over 40 years of experience in the wood industry. We decided to make the shift to specialty wood and are continually investing to improve our operations. Our values are based on customer needs, and they must always be satisfied with the products we provide. The CIFQ ranked us first in the sector according to various criteria and, by doing everything we can to continue delivering quality products to our customers, our goal is to maintain our standing at the top.

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Measuring and analyzing the manufacturing process

Our dashboard is permanently on in the production office. EFFECTO InSite records everything being produced. We can review the history of any batch, in terms of length, species, or volume.

Now we can follow every batch perfectly in real time. Visitors are most impressed with the visuals. It’s a real pleasure being able to show woodlot owners and operators that we’re always getting optimum yields with their wood. Customer satisfaction is through the roof.

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Give the right information to operators and supervisors

Controlling performance and quality with data directly from plant equipment. While the data already does exist, it must be manually gathered from each machine without EFFECTO.

EFFECTO InSite automatically collects data and aggregates it to show performance in real time to highlight any problems of throughput and machine productivity for improved decision-making by prioritizing the steps to be taken for dealing with what’s going too fast and with what’s not going fast enough.

InSite dashboards are adapted as needed so that everyone gets the information they need, not too much or not too little. The supervisor must have enough high-level components to see what all the machines are doing so corrective measures can be taken to control quality. Operators only get the performance data related to specific functions.

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