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“I need to keep wood purchasing under control”

Administrative management appears to be a major issue for sawmills: oversights and data entry errors at the time of truck offloading, and headaches in tracking invoicing to carriers. The lack of qualified labor, particularly the shortage of scalers, has prompted industry players to invest in technology.
Chez notre client de Burton's Cove en Terre Neuve et Labrador, Effecto a répondu aux besoins de gestion des approvisionnements

Burton's Cove Case, Canada – Newfoundland and Labrador

Streamline and make reliable the administrative management of truck arrivals

Since we've been using EFFECTO OnSite, we no longer have to recount the wood in the yard, no more stress about knowing what we have in stock and, above all, virtually no more human error.

The trucker arrives at our place, goes on the scale, registers, unloads his wood and goes back on the scale at the exit. The system manages everything, it calculates the difference between the incoming and outgoing weights. It adds the wood to the inventory, it generates the delivery note and sends the information to edit the invoice to the accounting department. Less hands on and more efficient…

The system is so easy to use that I can set up more and more advanced things. 

Terrance Fudge, Production Systems Manager

Case: Groupe Gallien, France - Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Managing our roadside inventory

Before, we had to juggle paper and Excel files just to know what was in our inventory. What we really needed was a tool our buyers could use to know the stock situation in real time.

With the EFFECTO OnSite wood purchasing module, we can now send the carrier to pick up exactly the right lot at the roadside. And since we also know the quantity and type of wood in each lot, we have an exact snapshot of our stock situation without having to go and check on site. Our carriers were not that thrilled at first because we were forcing them to adopt new technology. You can just imagine how much they didn’t like that idea! We made a nicely illustrated user guide with screenshots and walked them through it to get them started. It took them no time at all to get with the program.

Céline, Secretary-Accounting

Chez notre client Livra-bois du Groupe Gallien en région Auvergne, Effecto répondu aux besoins de gestion des approvisionnements
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Eliminating carrier billing errors

We went from being overwhelmed by an uncontrolled torrent of information where lots were entered in duplicate and carriers forgetting to register deliveries, to eliminating duplicate billings and omitted postings completely. With EFFECTO OnSite, you know exactly what’s coming in so there are no more mistakes since each lot is scanned on arrival at the sawmill.

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Compensating for labor shortages in the yard

Because truckers had to be accompanied from arrival at the gate to the yard, employees had to move from job to job because of the labor shortage. EFFECTO OnSite mobile tools reduce administrative tasks and lower employee stress levels in the process.

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