3 reasons to choose wood ERP software

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27 March 2024

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Is it time for you to choose a new ERP-type software package to automate and simplify your day-to-day management tasks on the factory floor and in your offices? Are you hesitating between a general-purpose tool that applies to all industrial sectors, or one specific to your industry? The following will answer your questions.

Over the years, we've developed software dedicated to the wood processing sector to meet industry standards and evolve with your industry. It also automates and optimizes your day-to-day tasks by linking up with your processes. Finally, our integration team is familiar with your reality, your business requirements and your language: a guarantee of efficiency for a successful implementation!

Whether you're a sawyer, pallet maker, flooring manufacturer, pellet producer or any other wood processing sector, our specialized tools, including EFFECTO OnSite, will help you achieve greater efficiency.


Tailored to your industry

Standardized for wood processing

We understand wood processing and have designed our product with this in mind. You can be sure that our system will deliver optimum performance whether you're sawing, drying or planing.

Evolving with the industry, the market and customer needs

As a forerunner, we're always on the lookout for new requirements and innovations in the wood-processing industry. We develop our system accordingly. So you always have the most appropriate technology and functionality for your operations.

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With specialists, you benefit from proven expertise, an in-depth understanding of your sector, and a community of customers and partners ready to share their knowledge.

Supports your day-to-day operations

Integrates into your process

Our solution is designed to meet all your daily task management needs. Whether you're in the office, on the factory floor or out and about, our solution has been designed to fit seamlessly into your process, thanks to its flexible configuration.

Centralized in one place 

Thanks to data centralization, all the information you need is gathered in one place, facilitating internal communication and strengthening collaboration between the different members of your team. You can easily share this information in real time, enabling members of a department or the whole organization to stay informed and gain in efficiency.

We know your equipment and OEMs

Our solution interfaces with the machines already in place in your company, reducing errors and automating follow-up. We know your equipment and OEMs inside out, so we can guarantee smooth, seamless integration. You don't have to worry about the compatibility of our tools with your existing infrastructure, because we make sure that everything works perfectly together.

supporting our customers in the field

A team that knows your reality, your requirements and your language

Save time: no need to explain your business to us

As publishers and integrators of specialized wood software, our team is perfectly familiar with the realities of your business sector, as well as the specific requirements and language associated with it.

At EFFECTO, we "speak wood". Thanks to our expertise, we can immediately understand your needs and expectations, without you having to explain your processes in detail. This saves you valuable time, allowing you to concentrate on what's most important: your mill!

Comply with industry standards

Using a specialized tool enables you to comply with your industry's quality standards.

At EFFECTO, everything is done to guarantee you quality services that meet current requirements and standards. You can be sure of working with a competent, reliable team that understands you and knows how to meet your industry's expectations.

Benefit from the experience of our customer community

When you choose to work with a specialist, you also join a community of customers and partners who share their experiences and successes. This allows you to benefit from the experience of professionals who have already faced the same challenges as you. So you can benefit from their best practices to optimize your day-to-day tasks and achieve your goals more quickly.


In short

When you call on our team, you benefit from proven expertise, an in-depth understanding of your sector, and a community of customers and partners ready to share their knowledge. This guarantees personalized support, tailored to your specific needs, and greater efficiency in carrying out your projects.

By choosing our EFFECTO OnSite solution and our team of specialists, you can be sure of having all the functionalities you need to manage your daily tasks efficiently. Don't waste any more time juggling different tools and systems, opt for an integrated solution that simplifies your work and improves your teams' productivity.


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