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Keeping control of your plant while enhancing its performance

Maintaining your company’s performance is key in an uncertain and demanding market. EFFECTO can be a big help. Your return on investment is guaranteed in under a year and your plant will get a new lease on life.
Serge Constantineau, Consultant for EFFECTO, senior expert in the field of wood transformation.

Serge Constantineau, Senior EFFECTO wood-processing consulting expert

Retain and transfer the knowledge of your experienced employees.

As a mill owner, you’ve probably already invested in productivity gains, material yield improvements, value recovery, and labor reduction by adding production equipment (including sawing line and debarker) which are the visible technologies and systems in the field with gains and benefits that are quickly measurable.Productivity and quality gain, and time loss reduction are some of the more traditional performance metrics.

In spite of advanced vision, control, and optimization systems, improved performance still relies on the expertise of those that operate and adjust them to increasingly varied operational conditions.

It’s becoming more and more important to equip front-line personnel (operators and supervisors)with the tools to establish business intelligence operating standards no matter what the context, in order not only to generate anticipated results and performance improvements, but also to be less dependent on a handful of dominant players.

Simon Roy, CEO, Bois CFM, Canada – Quebec

Improving profitability and creating new opportunities

My responsibilities include strategic planning, governance, and sales. I also have to make sure that the company continues to be an employer of choice for qualified candidates. You must, of course, have the means to make all this work as it should. To that end, we’ve invested heavily in automation, scanners, and optimizers to increase production and quality. The problem is that these machines and systems do not talk to each other. So you never get the big picture at any one point in time.

With EFFECTO we’ve automated everything to eliminate as much manual input as possible, reducing errors and taking performance to the next level. We now have total traceability on everything from wood purchasing to shipping and billing. Everyone has the information they need to get the job done, whether it’s the operators, the supervisors, or me. I can see what’s going on in the plant at any moment, know what my inventory is, and how production is coming along.

By freeing employees from non-value-added tasks, we’re able to assign them more interesting things to do and that makes them feel more valued and more appreciated.

Simon Roy est Directeur Général de la scierie cooperative forestière de la matapedia en région du bas Saint-Laurent au Québec, Canada

What EFFECTO can do for you

By integrating simple and effective optimization tools you can trust, we give you:

Icon Total control of your plant
Total control of your plant
At any time, the search function provides production history, real-time and forecasted inventories, and sales by customer.
Icon Reliable production follow-up
Reliable production follow-up
The general dashboard shows the performance of production units in real time, including overall rate of return and downtime.
Icon 100% confidence
100% confidence
EFFECTO users have been 100% loyal to us in the nearly twenty years we’ve been in business. Not surprising when you consider that we put them in 100% control of their operations.
Icon Pure simplicity
Pure simplicity
We know how important simplicity is in your business, which is why everything we do is carefully planned to make your life easier, from how we install our products to how you use them. Direct phone contact with your EFFECTO team at any time is included in our after-sales service.
Our solutions for managers of wood manufacturing companies
Que vous soyez revendeur informatique, équipementier ou intégrateur d’équipement, devenez intégrateur pour les solutions EFFECTO
Pour notre client la scierie Dubot, on optimise la planification de la production en regroupant les commandes.
La technologie peut aider à compenser la pénurie de main d'oeuvre qualifiée et à transferer les connaissances


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