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Make a win-win investment in your plant with easy-to-use tools and extra profits in no time.

In our case, the investment paid for itself in less than a year. Our tools are flexible, easy to set up and use.
Jocelyn Rodrigue, Production Manager, Carrier & Bégin, has more time for his team and improving quality with EFFECTO

Jocelyn Rodrigue, Production manager, Carrier & Bégin, Canada – Quebec

Saving time on repetitive tasks so I can focus more on my team and on quality

We’ve reduced time lost due to manual and unreliable inventories by 50%. It’s also more precise and easier to access. Production is now organized according to sales and not according to what I have in the yard.

Before inventory forecasts were impossible. I’d go out to the yard every day to count wood and send the information to vendors. I spent weeks out there counting! Since you can’t be in two places at the same time, I was always on the run between the yard and the plant.

Today my forecasts are easier by far and we’re meeting our sales commitments like never before. And the biggest payoff is that I can spend a lot more time in the plant checking production, working with employees, and improving quality.

At the speed we’re moving today, you can’t leave anything to chance. Optimizing your operations is the only way to stay competitive.

David Hamel, Production manager, Scierie Clermond Hamel, Canada – Quebec

Having indicators helps in making the right decisions

Our machines are automated but they don’t interact with each other. Given the volume and the speed we produce each day, there’s no way you can process information like that without it being computerized. Our raw material is ever-changing, never standard, so there’s nothing you can be certain about anymore. We have to rely on our experience and our judgment.

Even when I know that some machines aren’t performing optimally, I’m not sure what to do. For example, if I want to reduce planning losses, I need indicators to show me where the problem is, whether it’s from sawing or drying. By knowing exactly what the key areas for improvement are, I can initiate the right actions.

The data’s there for the taking in the machines but we need a system that collects it, puts it together, and then analyzes and contextualizes it. Using this decision-support tool, we can then make the choices that have the greatest impact on the plant’s profitability.

David Hamel is Production Manager at our client Clermond Hamel in the Chaudière Apallaches region of Quebec

What EFFECTO can do for you

By integrating simple and effective optimization software, our products can give your plant the tools it needs to grow:

No more errors and a lot more time
Digitalization means no more paper and double data entry, reducing manual data entry to a bare minimum, with automated wood purchasing and loading assistance that ensures that shipments and inventories are always accurate (98% on average).
Mobile tools
With EFFECTO technological tools you can eliminate paper altogether. Mobile interfaces include lot scanning, smartphone order receipts, and in-vehicle tablet tracking for forklift operators.
Tracking and managing downtime
EFFECTO can synchronize your equipment to collect data for not only identifying causes of downtime but also for monitoring your availability and service rate in real time.
Drying quality
EFFECTO InSite monitors the level of drying compliance, a critical factor in the success of your production. It does this by collecting data from your humidity sensor and analyzing the drying performance. The information appears on a dashboard by product, drying batch per day, and by mill of origin.
Optimiser la production dans l'usine au sciage, au rabotage, au séchage
Nos produits ERP / MES bois et business intelligence, couvrent l'approvisionnement, inventaire, production, vente et expedition
The drying stage is critical in the production process
Comme nous sommes spécialisés dans l'accomapgnement des entreprises de transformation du bois, nos produits sont adaptés

What EFFECTO can do for you?

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