Whether you are an IT reseller, equipment manufacturer or equipment integrator, become an integrator for EFFECTO solutions Integrating partner

Become an EFFECTO partner

You are an IT resellers, equipment manufacturers or integrators? France or Quebec-based and looking for new products to expand your catalog?
EFFECTO is looking for integrators to support its development in France and North America

The rewards of becoming an EFFECTO product integrator

We need your expertise to meet our growing needs.

Wood-processing plants in North America and France are automating at breathtaking speed and EFFECTO products and services are filling that need and winning market share. 

With our range of packaged products perfectly adapted to the sector, the potential is enormous. 
And because we continue apace in putting our efforts in the development of innovative digital tools to better serve our business core, we need your strengths to integrate our products even more.

Become an EFFECTO integrator.

EFFECTO integrators are trained and supported by our internal teams.

Integrators are carefully selected based on their experience and the resources at their disposal in deploying our solutions. They must adhere to our methods and values to ensure that EFFECTO users remain 100% satisfied.

Our commitment ensures that your teams get comprehensive training at EFFECTO University and full support in promoting our solutions. We also provide thorough follow-up on the integration, including on-the-job support with our internal experts. Unlimited opportunities in Europe and North America are yours for the taking.

We train and support our integrators to sell and implement our packaged solutions

EFFECTO in a nutshell

Play a key role in integrating specialized software for optimizing wood-processing plants:

EFFECTO expert teams at your service
Introducing breakthrough technologies into the wood industry since 2005.
A full range of specialized wood-processing software
EFFECTO products and services are designed to meet the needs of wood processing today, including ERP, MES, Big Data, business intelligence, and process optimization.
With all the support you need
EFFECTO support you can count on includes technical product documentation, user contacts for host plant visits, and meetings with managers.
Sales support
EFFECTO provides the training you need to effectively sell our products and services. 
It is essential to have the confidence of our customers to offer them the best products with an impeccable quality of service
Nos chargés de projet, conseillers et développeurs sont au service de nos clients en France et en Amérique du Nord
EFFECTO fait la conception et l'amélioration continue d'applications pour l'industrie de la transformation du bois
Notre client, la scierie Farges utilise les données de ses équipements pour optimiser la production et la maintenance.

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