Feature to discover: batch production planning

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Axelle Poujade


18 October 2023

reduce planning time

If you've read our blog post on the benefits of using serialized inventory to keep track of your stocks in real time, you'll know how this will transform your production methods.

Your production planner will have a global view of the plant via his/her interface. He/She'll know exactly what to produce and in what order, based on input inventory and/or orders. Automatically, the planning will be shared with operators in every department of the plant.

For some of our customers, we've seen production planning times cut by half, or even a third, thanks to this precise, known inventory.

Production made easy with EFFECTO OnSite.

How does it work? You can group orders according to delivery dates and wood characteristics such as species, section or length. You allocate production to your production units according to their respective capacities and availabilities.

In other words, the planner creates production schedules that can be consulted by each operator, who can then be informed of any changes in real time. The aim is to optimize downtime for adjustments and blade changes.

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