Successful implementation: towards 100% autonomous printing

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14 December 2023

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St-Elzéar sawmill (web site in French) has invested in a new glider equipped with a state-of-the-art automated grader, stacker and binder.

Until now, workers at the labeling and packaging station had to scan the barcode corresponding to the product in front of them using a scanner. This type of process is simple to set up and inexpensive, but it can lead to human errors of interpretation. Regular operators make very few errors, whereas substitutes are more likely to make mistakes.

Connection to the control to obtain package information.

At our customer's request, EFFECTO's team connected OnSite directly to the bundle output control system (PLC) to collect information on the bundle heading for the binder. With this reliable information automatically extracted from the binder, the operator no longer has to make a decision: the right package is displayed on his screen, and he can print the right label.

Objective achieved: the risk of labeling, grade, length and dimension errors is minimized.


Next step: 100% autonomous printing

In a next phase, once users have got to grips with the system, we'll automatically print the label without the user having to select the package on the screen. We will eliminate two manual tasks with no added value, and saved a significant amount of packaging/labeling time.

Many thanks to the St Elzéar team for this wonderful collaboration.


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