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14 December 2023

Boost yours sales with forecasting

Our wood for sale forecast feature makes it easier to anticipate sales with an instant view of what is and will be available.

Know what to sale

This table summarizes all information: location (factory), product code, dimensions, quality, grade, species, as well as customized attributes (to identify planed products, for example). For each product, the vendor can apply the corresponding price list. This list is customized according to the markets in which our customer sells its products.

For each price list, the tool indicates the associated transport costs according to the distance between the plant and the end customer.

Each customer can also apply its own forecast rules. In this way, sales staff can see what needs to be sold urgently, for example, the ground inventory that needs to be moved out first, as well as the forecast and the production week.


Real-time sales tracking and inventory availability

From the table, the salesperson can also create an order directly: with dynamic creation, he or she chooses to whom it will be invoiced, indicates the desired quantity and shipping instructions. It's reserved!

The order has an immediate effect: the remaining stock is updated instantly, so all sellers are informed that stock is booked in the inventory. They see the new stock in real time. Everyone sees only his or her own orders.

Calls and sales follow on from each other. When the salesperson receives a PO, he or she selects the order, attaches the receipt(s), enters the PO number, and that's it: the order is registered. The data is then sent to the ERP or accounting system. Quantities are automatically deducted from stock.


A customizable tool

The display

We offer a basic default display, and the rest is managed by the customer. One or more "super users", identified within the company, can create new displays. The salesperson has a display adapted to what he or she is selling. There are also displays for coordinators in tracking and validation mode.

Forecasting rules

A rule usually applies to a threshold that will generate a visual alert (a color code, for example).
  • It can be applied to one, several or all products,
  • It takes into account a particular field based on a price or quantity (consumed, produced, sold, available inventory, etc.).
  • It includes time filters: available on the ground, 1, 2, 3 or 4 week forecasts.
To make the display more visual, we choose a color code to indicate important statuses, such as "urgent" in red.

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