Successful implementation: Vieu sawmill (Tarn / France)

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Axelle Poujade


14 August 2023

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The first phase was completed with our new customer, Vieu sawmill (some 20 employees), located in the heart of the Tarn region in the south of France.

The aim was to implement an innovative solution to simplify and accelerate its operations.

As is often the case with our customers, we start with inventory management.

Step 1: Optimize the ordering and shipping process in the offices

It all begins, remotely, with an in-depth demonstration of the features and the customization of product parameters (species, size, etc.), as well as the creation of a customer list. Benjamin, our project manager and integrator on this project, then carries out the necessary tests to ensure a smooth transition.

Once the configuration had been validated, he went on site to finalize the implementation of shipping. Benjamin began by training the office staff directly impacted by the new tool. This allows them to integrate the software and procedure changes gradually. He also takes the opportunity to customize document templates such as invoices and loading slips. Finally, he configures the EFFECTO OnSite interface with the sawmill's accounting system (Cador) so that information is identical and manual re-entries are avoided.

The benefits: huge time savings for administrative staff. Entries will now be made in the system via a CSV file import. Shipping will generate delivery notes which will be automatically sent to the financial system.

Step 2: Bringing technology to the yard and plant

We ordered the necessary hardware for the plant. As soon as the computer and printer had been installed by the technician, Benjamin returned to the customer's premises to continue the implementation.

This equipment prints labels that are attached to the packages, facilitating inventory tracking. Our project manager and two on-site operators took advantage of the end-of-month inventory to create the first labels in the mill on processed wood, as well as on packages in the yard.

For the time to come, labels on shipped packages are taken back to the office by the operator. In the short term, the forklift operator will have wifi access in his vehicle and will be able to manage changes in inventory himself. The important thing is to start simply, to give operators and office staff new habits. This allows them to get into the rhythm and get used to the change. 

After two weeks, the shipping team scans labels to remove them from inventory and automatically generate delivery notes. This method also enables loading errors to be detected.

impression d'etiquette à l'empileur pour la scierie Vieu tarn-france

Step 3: plan production according to inventory

Benjamin supported the mill foreman in programming daily production schedules to be shared with his team. Operators now see changes immediately when creating or modifying the schedule on large touchscreens at the stacking level, eliminating the need for paper and ensuring real-time visibility. The foreman can also track the progress of his orders and plan production according to delivery dates, optimizing dimensions and saving precious time.

All data is available in real time, enabling this company, which used to carry out a manual inventory every month, to benefit from more efficient management.

Outcome: Production statistics, automated data entry, no more Excel files or manual work! Our solution has enabled Vieu sawmill to gain in productivity and efficiency!

Many thanks to the entire team involved in this project. Special thanks to David Gimenez, foreman at the mill, who played a major role in the success of the implementation.


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